Introduction of the Stunning Floral Rolex Datejust 31

In an era when many brands could not make women’s watches with any kind of durability, Rolex was committed to providing the same robust details to their women’s offerings as they did to their men’s replica watches. Similarly, when Hans Wilsdorf publicly presented his water-resistant Oyster case in 1927, he chose a woman named Mercedes Gleitze to swim across the English Channel wearing a Rolex Oyster. The importance of women has been the foundation of the brand’s story, from the first Rolex catalog to its current offerings.  8894X_9 8894X_11
Today, with hundreds of combinations, the Datejust is one of the most extensive collections in the Rolex catalog, offering references that appeal to every taste and preference. From materials and colors to strap designs and case sizes, every element of the watch caters to the customer’s personal desires.
This year, as an extension of the Datejust collection, which includes 41, 36 and 31 mm cases, Rolex has redesigned its emblematic model with several new stunning floral dials. The flowers on each dial are available in three different finishes: sunray, matte, and grain, giving each dial a unique depth and texture.
All three variations feature a new floral motif in a 31mm case size. The floral dials offer a splash of color, with 24 diamonds adorning the center of each flower. The construction and finish of these dials is a marvel in dial making, with a 3D look and layered textures adding visual appeal and wonderful detail.
The Datejust heritage spans the ages while retaining an enduring aesthetic character that makes it immediately recognizable and appreciated. One of the world’s most iconic copy watch collections, Datejust maintains its original design and functionality while continuing to improve on an already near-perfect design with the latest innovative watchmaking technologies, new finishing standards, and the highest levels of quality.
These latest variants offer a modern take on a classic, complementing the old refined and sophisticated case design with a dial that exudes youthful color and interest. In each Datejust 31, the caliber 22326 – with its Syloxi silicon hairspring to resist magnetic forces – moves accurately within the chronometer standards.
The Datejust 31 offers further innovations in movement technology. The paramagnetic nickel-phosphorus escapement wheel and the Paraflex shock absorber form a robust design suitable for the rigors of everyday use.
The next step in the Datejust tradition, the Datejust 31, with its patterned dial extends the warm seasonal atmosphere to a well-executed case silhouette with the help of an intricate design and rich colors. To admire these magnificent timepieces, please make an appointment to see them in person at any of our London jewelry store locations.