New Rolex Submariner Date Watch

In most other respects, reference 1680 is virtually identical to reference 5512/5513. Reference 1680 is almost identical to reference 5512/5513. However, it brings a date feature to the series for the first time. For many critics, this relatively minor feature marked the end of the Submariner line as a dedicated swiss replica watch and heralded its entrance into the realm of status symbols. Critics argued that true divers did not need a watch that told them the date of the month.
Despite the objections, the Rolex Submariner has always been elegantly styled and more than just a diving tool. Its refined simplicity matches everything from T-shirts and jeans to tailored tuxedos – just ask the greatest advertisement for any timepiece, James Bond. Starting with Connery in Dr. No in 1962, Agent 007 wore the Submariner in nine appearances, and the watch matched everything from diving suits to dinner suits.  rolex rolex-078984_03
In fact, far more non-divers have always bought Submariner than divers, and this is true of most of the brand’s models. Nowadays, for example, you also don’t see as many replica Rolex Daytona watches in the paddock of the average race track, nor do you see Explorer watches on the summit of Mount Everest.
As for Rolex, the brand decided to wholeheartedly embrace the status symbol label with the arrival of the ref. 1680. In addition to being the first Submariner with a date complication, it was also the first watch to be made in 18-carat yellow gold. It was also the first watch to feature a blue dial and bezel option, representing its first appearance in a model other than all black.
Rolex has poured its heart and soul into the Ref. 1680 since its arrival. 1680, fake Rolex has poured far more variety into the Submariner Date than the No-Date models, gifting them with a range of new metal combinations and different colorways. As always, the No-Date Submariner remains a unique stainless steel creation that remains popular with purists.