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Seiko’s new GMT goes head-to-head with Tag Heuer’s travel chronometer

Whether you’re back on the road or regularly have to deal with team members in different time zones, a GMT watch can reduce global time to a few simple hands on a dial. In this edition of Steal and Splurge, we compare two GMT replica watches that common share elements but are vastly different from each other. With similar colours, features and specifications, which GMT will allow you to track a second-time zone in the sportiest style?
The SKX007 is an ISO-compliant dive watch, while the new SSK Seiko 5s is a 100-meter water-resistant travel watch with a tension-fit 24-hour bezel, a passive crown, and a Hardlex crystal with a cyclops above the date.
While I advocate the blue/red/black colour scheme of the SSK003, all three versions come with a “jubilee style” steel bracelet with solid links on end and a folding clasp with four micro-adjustment points. It is a marked improvement for those used to SKX’s “cheap and crunchy” straps, and the new SSK takes it a step further by adding drilled lugs. It’s time to dig out all your 22mm straps.
Visible through the Seiko 5-Inertia Display case back, the new Seiko 4R34 offers a pager-style GMT function linked to a large red 24-hour hand, controlled through the first position of the crown. The 24-jewel movement, which runs at 21,700 vibrations per hour and boasts a power reserve of around 40 hours, is derived from Seiko’s long-standing line of 4R movements, which are known to be very robust but not outstanding in terms of precision, and which Seiko lists as the standard for the 4R34 at -35/+45 seconds per day.
Furthermore, despite being the high-end model in Seiko’s 5 series, the SSK GMT is still in the brand’s entry-level category, which means it is less expensive than the higher-spec Prospex line.
From my point of view, buying the SSK003. I bought one as soon as possible, a perfect watch for the money. However, bias and consideration must be included in the calculation. I like Seiko and have wanted this watch since owning an SKX. In addition, I prefer travel watches, so when it comes to replica rolex watches that can track two or more time zones, I have a wide range of options.
More broadly, while I think both would make great everyday watches, you’d get more performance and, if it’s important to you, more prestige from Tag Heuer. If you’re looking for a well-made, reasonably handsome, well-specked travel watch that won’t make you fuss like a Rolex, then if the caller’s GMT is suitable for your purposes, the Tag is a good fit. Finally, I know this is coming from me, but if the Tag Heuer has longer lugs that work on your wrist, I think it’s a better-looking blue/black GMT than the Seiko. I like the look of the Seiko, but it’s more of a tool than a beauty.

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