Replica Hublot Big Bang with Diamonds Inserted

I fell in love with our Hublot when our first replica Hublot Big Bang came out. But not everyone is in love with Hublot watches, but most tend to agree that the Big Bang was a solid design. So solid that for a long time Hublot became typecast as a firm making only Big Bang watches.


I thought it would be interesting to copy the “jewelry-ification” of the piece. From the original masculine design to pieces completely covered in diamonds, it is fascinating to see how the core design has held up to being studded in diamonds. The newest diamond-dressed Big Bang watch is called the Hublot Baby Million. It is a $302,000 priced piece with 28 carats of diamonds on it for authentic ones. Here it is the first shown watch in this article and prompted this discussion. Why? Well because in addition to being almost totally covered in diamonds, the core Hublot Big Bang design is preserved on the dial and case – despite the 891 diamonds all over the timepiece. That wasn’t simple – to make a haute joaillerie Big Bang still look like a Big Bang watch.

A million bucks isn’t the highest amount Hublot has asked for a Big Bang watch. There have been a few such “million” Big Bangs up to the 3 million dollar version with a tourbillon. What I like is how each of these is actually set differently with stones. These are also among the few men’s watches with diamonds that I think I could pull off wearing. However, when you get to know our replica ones, you will startled by its’ excellent craftmanship, and bling Swarovski diamonds, and most important the quite competitive price.

Moving down the article you can see a few Big Bang watches will less and less diamonds down to one of the originals on a rubber strap. The evolution of the watch is interesting and thought-provoking for what is an icon of modern luxury sport chronograph watch. The Hublot Baby Million is probably a perfect hybrid between the look of the original and the jewelry style that many of these are going for. Relica Hublot does deserve some credit for taking a cool looking 44mm wide watch and making the most out of the design.