Replica Hublot Big Bang All Black Magic Green


Hublot offers 41mm wide and 44mm wide Big Bang Green Chronograph models, as well as a 48mmm wide dive watch style case. Our new replica Hublot offers the collection in matte ceramic cases which is really neat. So these cases aren’t just colored metal. Metal comes in for the screws (which are titanium) and the pusher which have steel and rubber. I thought it was interesting that even the case backs of the watches were ceramic.

Then there is the Hublot Big Bang All Black Green watches that are pretty nifty. While they don’t have the tinted sapphire crystals, they are sort of the green versions of the Red Magic watches. Like the Red Magic watches, the All Black Green ones will be in black matter ceramic cases. The Big Bang All Black Green achieves a shaded concept of invisible visibility through the elegant alliance of black and green, for a near-fluorescent effect in the watch’s reflections. In a fusion of materials against only matte tones, the case and bezel in black ceramic with a uniformly matte microblasted finish, matte black dial, matte black titanium screws whose notches are still cut in an H-shape, matte black coated titanium, matte rubber inserts