A New Record from Replica Omega Speedmaster

When most of us might be concentrated on the upcoming sale of Paul Newman’s Paul Newman Daytona (t-minus a few hours…), as a matter of fact, there are still other replica watches trading hands all over the world. For example: Bukowskis auction house in Stockholm, Sweden, just sold a replica Omega Speedmaster ref. CK 2915-1, setting a new Speedy record for the reference. The watch is incredible and the result something that would have been extremely amazing several years ago.
Speedmasters might not seem like rare watches, but when you get into the early executions they can be pretty hard to find, especially in good condition. This fake watch is an example of that model, making it a first generation Speedy from 1958. This means that there is of course a caliber 321 movement inside and you get all the iconic design traits like the luminous broad arrow hand, the steel tachymeter bezel, and the slim straight lug case. If you need a full refresher, check out our Reference Points: Understanding the Omega Speedmaster for tons of info on these less-often-seen references. Omega Speedmaster
While this watch is in outstanding, honest condition (despite some wear to the bezel) and is completely a worthy trophy on its own, it’s the story behind it that sets it over the top. The original owner’s son was recently cleaning out his attic and found the fake watch in a case. It’s never been polished and has obviously has spent the last few decades in that box, remaining totally unworn. This is a good reminder that there are still plenty of yet-unfound replica watches out there that will continue to come out of the shadows and surprise us for many years to come.